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About Us

GymBusy was founded by Jazz Harvey and Louis Hollingsworth in 2017. 

Jazz in his younger years was not in the best physical condition and as he got older started to realise that this needed to change. Jazz began training with Louis at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre where he engaged in a strict training regime and diet by becoming a vegetarian . This was the birth of GymBusy.

GymBusy activewear is dedicated to supporting consumers in becoming the best version of themselves. We have a strong passion for the health and fitness industry and want to ensure that we can provide a [brand/ service] for everyone. 

We believe that incorporating the gym aspect along with clothing we can create a long lasting affect on the health and fitness industry.

We aspire to:

  • Spread awareness within the health and fitness industry
  • Encourage you to stay fit and healthy whilst staying on top of being busy
  • Look the part, feel the part and be the best you can be
  • Create a lifestyle you can belong to with likeminded people
  • Become an influential, go to brand